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Boston Ambassador Tim Allhoff

As a renowned pianist and composer, Tim Allhoff is a constant in the German musical landscape. His impressive career includes nine albums, two of which have been awarded ECHO Music Prizes. In his work, he combines jazz and classical music with aplomb, yielding a fascinating fusion of different genres that takes listeners on a unique sonic journey.


Tim Allhoff’s musical range extends from solo piano to various classical formations, for which he both composes and arranges. International film music projects and commissioned concert works are also part of his portfolio. With performances at the World Economic Forum in Davos and collaborations with and for such artists as Larry Grenadier and Robbie Williams, Tim Allhoff has established himself internationally.


As a Boston Ambassador since 2023, Tim Allhoff plays an Boston upright UP-132 with inverted keys in his studio. This unique choice highlights his creative approach.


Fotos: Romy Mlinzk, Tim Allhoff

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