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The Steinway designed Boston Piano

Simply the best in its class

When Henry E. Steinway and his sons founded what would become the world’s most famous piano company in 1853, they promised: “To build the best piano possible.” This mission statement is today imbued in every element of the Steinway-designed Boston piano.

The Boston, born in 1992, is the culmination of Steinway & Sons’ decision to develop a new line of instruments. Designed by Steinway, the Boston is manufactured using a recipe developed from Steinway’s and commitment to continued improvement.

The Boston maintains its position as the best piano available in the popularly priced market. Thanks to its Steinway pedigree, the Boston sounds better, plays better, and lasts longer than any other piano in its price range.


The Boston pianos developed a reputation for a distinctly pure, rich sound that simply can’t be reproduced by other pianos in its market.

The low-tension string scale design gives a fuller tone, more sustain, and more dynamic range.
The “wide-tail” design offers more surface area on the soundboard to create a richer sound.
The hard rock maple inner rim reduces vibration to generate a better, fuller sound from the soundboard.
The Boston design emphasizes sophisticated geometry and the highest-quality construction materials.
Solid copper-wound bass strings ensure pure tone for the life of the instrument.
The solid Sitka–spruce soundboard is linearly tapered to produce a richer, fuller tone.


Like Steinway, Boston uses all-wood action parts — never plastic like many competitors. Wood helps to determine the Boston’s characteristic feel and allows the player to experience the “feedback” from the keyboard that is found only in performance-level instruments. In addition, Boston pianos feature Steinway–patented flanges lock into place, and prevent any twisting or shifting of the action parts. Despite humidity, temperature changes, or heavy use, the Boston’s action is forever tight, sharp, and responsive.

The design of the Boston action requires less energy to start the hammer moving, permitting pristine repetition, an extremely responsive action, and greater control over a tremendous dynamic range.


Like the Steinway, the Boston piano is designed for legacy and longevity. There are specific points that offer it a long-lasting playing life:

• Radial bracing (on Boston grands) ties the framework of the instrument together and supports the rim; and staggered backposts (on Boston uprights) address tension where it is greatest and ensure stable tunings and an overall longer life.

• The low-tension string scale works seamlessly with these two unique Boston bracing systems. The design creates a piano with less stress that is better able to handle tension and prolonged use.

• The Boston’s Steinway-patented Octagrip® pinblock is constructed from eleven layers of hard rock maple. The result is improved tunings, greater tuning stability, and overall extended piano life.

Boston Pianos are built in manufacturing facilities with the ability to build exactly according to the Steinway design, the Boston is fashioned from a famously-exacting recipe for piano greatness. Based on the ever-increasing number of Boston pianos sold to music schools and institutions, where performance and longevity are paramount, it’s clear that the word is out on Boston.

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