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Boston Ambassador Alvaro Soler

The Spanish-German pop singer, who turned heads in 2015 with his first single “El mismo sol”, had his big breakthrough in 2016 with “Sofia”.

He quickly shot to number 1 in the charts and gained international fame.

Like most other big musicians, his love of music began with an acoustic piano. His grandmother in Barcelona had an upright piano and taught him the Flea Waltz. Then, when he moved to Japan with his family aged 10, he was given an electric piano. He quickly learned that music could relax him and allow him to leave everyday stresses behind.

What fascinates him most is the magic that emanates from an acoustic piano – because you don’t just play it; you also get something back from it. He loves the “real soundwaves” that it gives.

Now the time has finally come for Alvaro Soler to go on tour with a Boston piano, designed by Steinway & Sons. The Boston piano will form part of his acoustic set during the concerts.

At the Boston Prep and Distribution Center, he got acquainted with the instrument that will be his travel companion for the next few months. He was enchanted by the place and the instruments that are primed here with utmost precision and expertise, ready for their future owners. As a qualified industrial design engineer, he is fascinated by the design and attention to detail that go into the Boston instruments.

„My connection with music was the piano for the first time so I feel like I am reconnecting with that moment here at Bostonpianos“

Alvaro Soler

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